Tandac Enterprises

Company Resume

Projects we've done for other people.

This is the company resume for Tandac Enterprises. Specific projects and how our work benefited the client involved is listed here. For the sake of privacy client names are not included. More recent projects are listed first.

Designed a printing services station for office buildings. Subscribers to this service securely transmit their documents to another location in the building. Documents are then printed and are available for pick-up or delivery. Tandac's contribution was to simplify document submissions and provide technological expertise in the design of the service.

Developed a web based project billing and time-tracking system. The previous system was manual, error prone and time consuming. The new system as reduced the time involved in billing and time tracking by as much as 80%!

System administration services for a remote Internet Service Provider. Tandac was contracted to setup the email, web, DNS and dial-up servers for an ISP. These systems are extremely reliable and mostly self maintaining. Tandac continues to provide support on an as needed basis.

Developed an employee training tracking system. This system allows employers to track the training completed by employees. Employers are alerted to employees that need to update their training. Individual training records are available through an easy to use interface.

Website streamlining. Tandac has assisted a number of clients with cleaning up their websites. We can convert an existing site into it's XHTML/CSS equivalent and make sure it meets current website accessibility standards.

Training Tandac Enterprises prides itself on being able to explain complex concepts in an easy to understand way. Using this philosophy we provide training on a variety of topics such as networking, and basic Linux administration to those that need it.